Plastic Bank Partnership

Who is Plastic Bank ?


The social enterprise Plastic Bank founded in 2013 is now recognized as one of the biggest initiative to stop ocean plastic.

Plastic Bank main goal is to reduce the plastic that ends up in the oceans. Because pollution and poverty are two worldwide issues and challenges, Plastic Bank decided to collect plastic in poor countries to help reduce both issues. The local population can collect plastic and return it to the collection centers in exchange of money, goods or services.

Our Partnership with Plastic Bank


Since 2017 Henkel is working together with the Plastic Bank social enterprise to reduce the amount of plastic waste that ends up in the oceans.

Henkel has been the first global fast-moving consumer goods company to team up with social enterprise Plastic Bank.

The main goal of this partnership is to reduce the waste of plastic while improving the lives of people in poverty.

Henkel has set itself the objective to explore ways of incorporating Social Plastic into its own product packaging to further promote a circular economy.

Social plastic is now integrated in various Henkel products : from cleaning products such as the Pro nature cleaning products under the Biff, Pril & Sidolin brands to Beauty Care with 2 limited editions from Fa and Schauma with 100% recycled plastic.

Less plastic waste, more life quality

Plastic Bank was founded in 2013 and set its mission to fight plastic waste and poverty. Their philosophy: plastic waste can be used as a currency and exchanged for money or other (social) benefits. Since 2017, Henkel is a proud cooperation partner.


In countries with high levels of poverty and and underdeveloped waste system, people are collecting plastic waste at beach and land.


The collected plastic waste is gathered and brought to Plastic Bank‘s collection centers.


According to the weight of plastic waste collected and depending on the type of material, the collectors will receive compensation.


Compensation may include, but is not limited to: school hours for children, medical or technical support, or money.


The collected plastic waste will be recycled and treated for its next journey, e.g. as a packaging component of our „Fa Beach Love“ Limited Edition!