Fa Men Xtreme Refresh 5 delivers long-lasting fresh effect
and provides 5 dimensional benefits: Lasting fresh -
Deep cleaning - Energizing - Hydrating - Skin Friendly.
Innovative Anti-Dry Skin Technology to deeply refresh
and fight dryness.

    • Fa Men Xtreme Refresh 5 Shower Gel

      Fa Men Xtreme Refresh 5 Shower Gel with a 5-fold overall effect that makes you feel fresh, clean and energetic while moisturizing and caring for your skin.

      The formula with taurine gives you new energy to start the day or energizes you after a strenuous workout at the gym. The skin conditioner preserves the balance of moisture in the skin and keeps it from drying out. Menthol contributes to a particularly fresh scent and a long-lasting feeling of freshness.

      » Feel fresh with 5-fold effect
      » With innovative anti-dry-skin technology
      » For body & hair

Fa Men Xtreme Shower gel

Discover more power and more performance!

The powerful Fa Men Xtreme Shower with Anti-Dry Skin Technology offer an extraordinary shower experience. The innovative formula with a nurturing skin conditioner protects the skin and provides it with lasting protection from drying out. The mild, foamy formula is gentle to the skin, cleans intensively and makes showering an especially nurturing experience. For a fresh start to your day!