Fa Men Xtreme Protect 5 is our first anti-perspirant providing
all-round protection against: 1. sweat, 2. odour, 3. stains,
4. irritation, 5. itchiness with our best skin compatibility for men.
Innovative Sweat Detect technology anticipates sweat as it starts.
Scientifically proven 72 hours protection against odour.  



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    • Fa Men Xtreme Protect 5 Anti-Perspirant Stick

      Get 5-fold protection.

      Fa Men Protect 5 is a high performance anti-transpirant with 5 actions against: sweat, odor, stains, itchiness and irritations.
      The innovative formulation with Sweat Detect Technology recognizes changes in your skin early and activates further substances once you start sweating. This way, sweat and body odor are stopped before they can even appear.

      » With Sweat Detect technology – protects before you sweat
      » 5 actions against: sweat, odor, stains, itchiness and irritations
      » Long lasting freshness

Fa Men Xtreme Anti-Perspirant

Discover more power and more performance!

If you like to push the boundaries and challenge yourself to the max, then you need a different dimension of performance from your deodorant! Fa Men Xtreme has been developed specifically for men who have high expectations of their deodorant. Fa Men Xtreme targets odour-causing bacteria – feel comfortable and fresh up to 72 hours! Contains no alcohol and is gentle to the skin.