The advanced heat-proof formula adapts protection level for
extra sweat-control in every situation. The innovative formula
with sweat detect technology anticipates sweat as it starts.
Protection proven up to 50°C

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    • Fa Men Xtreme Heat Control Anti-Perspirant Spray

      » Extra sweat control in every situation
      » Sport – Stress – Heat
      » Innovative formula with Sweat Detect Technology anticipates sweat as it starts

      Protection proven up to 50°C

Fa Men Xtreme Anti-Perspirant

Discover more power and more performance!

If you like to push the boundaries and challenge yourself to the max, then you need a different dimension of performance from your deodorant! Fa Men Xtreme has been developed specifically for men who have high expectations of their deodorant. Fa Men Xtreme targets odour-causing bacteria – feel comfortable and fresh up to 72 hours! Contains no alcohol and is gentle to the skin.