FAQ | Formula without microplastic

What is the difference between a deodorant and an anti-transpirant?

Deodorants are used to fight against bacteria which are responsible for generating body odor. The active ingredients in deodorants prevent bacteria from growing or they reduce the number of bacteria in the first place. Anti-perspirants on the other hand contain specific ingredients – such as aluminum salts – that reduce sweating as they produce temporary plugs in the sweat pores. They also have a deodorizing effect inhibiting bacterial growth. 

Why do I have to shake my aerosol deodorant before using it?

You need to shake our aerosol cans prior to use in order that the antiperspirant active powder (e.g. aluminum salts) are evenly distributed within the can. Otherwise, the valve might get clogged up or there will be white stains / residues on skin and clothes. Alcohol-based aerosol deodorants do not have to be shaken prior to use. Our new deo emulsion without aluminium and alcohol also needs to be shaken before use, to better mix all ingredients before spraying.

What is the malodor effect?

Malodour control can be achieved by various means. Blocking receptors in the nose as well as overlaying the malodour with better smelling or even non-smelling ingredients are two ways of achieving this. For testing the performance of Fa we use a strong malodour mixture and test the perception of this bad smell upon application of our product. 

What does anti-bac mean?

Anti-bacterial action refers to the deodorants’ property of being able to reduce the growth of odor-causing bacteria on the skin, thereby reducing the resulting odour.

Is my deodorant alcohol free?

Alcohol refers to a wide range of components. The most commonly known one is Ethanol (the drinkable version of alcohol). Any Fa product that claims “alcohol-free” is without Ethanol. However, the word “alcohol” might appear in the ingredients list – such as benzyl alcohol, which is a perfume ingredient as well as a preservative. 

Why do we sweat?

Sweating is important for the thermoregulation of the human body. To be able to cope with warm weather or during high physical activity such as sports, the body needs to cool down by sweating. Sweat can also be caused by psychological or emotional stress like an exam. 

Why do we smell?

Fresh sweat is odorless. Bad smell is generated when the bacteria living on our skin digest the proteins secreted with the sweat. Therefore, reducing or controlling the bacteria in the armpit will stop the smell

Can I use Fa Deodorants as a Body Spray?

Yes, you can use our Fa Aerosol Deodorants also as a Body Spray. The anti-perspirants are not recommended for complete body coverage.